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The Biology Graduate Students Association is the students group for all graduate students in the Biology Department at McGill University. We organize social events such as wine and cheeses and graduate student retreats, as well as educational and research events such as symposia and workshops.

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All graduate students in the Biology department of McGill University are members of the BGSA.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Help define the future mandate for the Ombudsperson for Students at McGill

This is a message from the PGSSCOUN LISTSERV
**The link between PGSS and its Councilors**

Give us your feedback!

Occassionally students at McGill will encounter social, political,
bureaucratic, or adminstrated challenges during their studies. They
may find themselves in a confusing or upsetting situation in which
they are not sure what to do or who to speak to. The role of the
Ombudsperson for Students is to help students find solutions to these
types of problems by providing information and strategies for
informal conflict resolution, in a strictly confidential setting.

By filling out this short survey (please go to following link)


you will help us define the future mandate of the Ombudsperson at
McGill, so they are best able to serve and help students.

Your feedback is much appreciated!